Personal Chef and Catering


Welcome Green Artichoke, sustainable fine catering and private chef services. Our catering service is dedicated to sustainable gourmet cuisine with a playful side. We sample only the finest local, seasonal organic produce that Vancouver’s local farmers and forests produce. First and foremost, we are committed to maintaining sustainable and ethical purchasing practices. Whether at sea or at home, we bring our best to the table, because producing world class cuisine sourced from the finest produce is what we bring to the table. A combination of sustainability and quality is our main focus, but a playful and relevant twist to suit your particular needs is always incorporated. A finger is kept on the pulse of food culture and nutrition to ensure that the cuisine served at your catering event is fresh in both ingredients and construction. All ingredients are sourced from local farmers whenever possible. We put a great deal of research into ensuring these ingredients are sourced from farms committed to sustainable practices. Returning honest food into the mouths of the people.Most of all, this to be an ever-evolving process, learning and teaching as our food culture blossoms while it evolves.

Sharing food is deeply ingrained in our bones. It is as much a part of human nature as fire itself. Sharing food and kitchen culture; This is our passion…This is what we love. Serving Vancouver, Whistler, Vancouver Island and anywhere the finest in personalized, sustainable gourmet cuisine is desired.

La bonne cuisine est la base du véritable bonheur.

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.


Catering Options


Whether you’re looking to host a small dinner party, a large corporate catering event or a wedding, we have the five star staff to provide the service you need. We also specialize in remote catering. Over my many years as a personal chef, I’ve seen everything from black tie formal affairs to rugged open fire seafood feasts on deserted islands in French Polynesia. Rest assured that if you can imagine an event, we can find a way to cater to it. Green Artichoke offers flexibility on price, required level of service as well as food specifications. All events are open to customizeable catering options, as a result, we give our clients what they’re looking for…and far beyond.


Please contact me the details of your dream event and I will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.